The war in the East of Ukraine continues. Unfortunately, it takes away the best citizens.

Thanks God, still there are some people, who are not indifferent to the others’ suffering and who are willing to support both military and families left without a breadwinner.

Thanks to our dear parishioners, Ukrainian youth organisation of patriots (PLAST), Ukrainian Saturday School in Vienna, secondary school “Erudyt” in Vienna, there was recently organised a charity event called “A warm gift”. There was some money left, though, – 110 Euros and additionally 800 Hryvnias from Oksana Kalemberg-Maksymchuk (the woman sent us 1000 Hryvnias on the eve of the shares, 200 of which were spent on a sweet table). All the remaining funds were spent for the same purpose: on gifts for children of fallen heroes and kids from the Eastern Ukraine.


Within the volunteer project “Children of Heavenly Legions” ( we welcomed the birthday of a sister and a brother – Nastya and Nazar Petruk, who were 6 and 7 years old on the 6th of February. Their stepfather Yuriy Gil  – defender of Ukraine – died in May 2015 near the village called Katerynivka in Luhansk Region. Both kids, as well as their two younger sisters got encyclopedias and educational games, which they always wanted to have. 902 Hryvnias was spent on this event.


Also, as a part of the project we have listed 1.330 Hryvnias on a bike for the 10-years-old Oleg Svetlitsky, who celebrated his Birthday yesterday. Thanks to yet another benefactress from Germany the boy was already riding his own bicycle yesterday and besides he could pick it on his own. Cycling was his dream that his father promised to fulfill, but, unfortunately, did not manage to do. Oleg is the son of the Ukrainian defender, athlete Oleksandr Svetlitsky, who has been fighting in the East for 8 month. The man needed a heart transplant, which he, unfortunately, did not have time to wait for. Two of his children became orphans.


A little Ivanka was also satisfied: she got a new pair of shoes (600 Hryvnias) as a gift. Her old one had just torn a day before. Ivanka is a daughter of cyborg Dmytro Stepanov, who died in April 2015 at Avdiivka in Donetsk Region saving life of the congeners. With one of them, a childhood friend Andriy Karpyuk he is buried in the same grave in a native village Susk, Kivertsi district in Volyn Region.


Bohdan Havryliuk, who remained without a father together with an elder brother and sister, was also pleased. He has got candies and fruit, as well as a gift certificate for 200 Hryvnias. The boy was moreover given the winter clothes from Ms. Natalia. As his family says, all the clothes suited perfectly and the boy liked it so much J


For 994 Hryvnias there were also bought syrups for children and wet wipes for babies from the eastern part of Ukraine: a bus from the volunteer group “Volyn SOS” set out from Lutsk to Avdiyivka and to other locations (










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